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Competitive Precision Pistol shooting teaches patience, determination, organizational skills, mental and physical control, safety awareness, goal setting, problem solving, and good sportsmanship.  When we educate, we elevate.

was founded August 2004, 18 years ago, as a Junior Athletic Association.   We stay true to our mission to identify, educate, train, and develop Junior Precision Pistol Athletes to be major competitors in National Rifle Association “Precision Pistol” competition.

IJPS requires membership in the National Rifle Association & the Illinois State Rifle Association.   **Each of our Athletes are NRA & ISRA junior members.  Several of our juniors are NRA &/or ISRA Life members.  We are proud to support these two outstanding organizations that do so much for all the shooting sports.

*As of 2022, IJPS requires each athlete to have their own FOID card & a State of IllinoisTrue ID” card from the Secretary of State .  RKA‘s staff will help you in obtaining a FOID card.

ISRA has an outstanding, NSSF 4-Star rated, outdoor range complex in Bonfield, IL, and are “on track” to become a 5-Star facility.  IJPS, as a junior athletic association, holds a Life Membership in the Illinois State Rifle Association.

As of 11 April 2022, we are proud to have “118” IJPS® / NRA Basic Pistol qualification program, 38 achieved at RKA Gun Gallery,  and “28” Double Distinguished Experts  •  Basic Pistol + Precision Pistol recipients.

Four (4) Indoor Precision Pistol Champions in 2020 & 2021
On March 16, 2020, our 6-time Illinois State Junior Precision Pistol Champion (.22 only) just won the Illinois State Woman’s Precision Pistol Championship (.22 + CF).  She is a college graduate, married,  Mother, and an NRA double Distinguished Expert, and Pistol Instructor.

Her teammate won his first Illinois State Junior Precision Pistol Championship (.22 only).  He is an NRA Double DE,  NRA Pistol Instructor, and NRA, USAS, CMP Certified Pistol Coach.  Two other Team Members took first place in their respective NRA categories.  A full sweep, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, of the 2020 & 2021 indoor Precision Pistol Junior awards!

IJPS have won the Illinois State Junior Precision Pistol Championship for 8 years in a row!    Hayley: 6 years + Josh: 2 years

Thank you Scott & Julie Peters, owners of RKA Gun Gallery for sponsoring and hosting these four exceptional precision pistol athletes.  The IJPS team families join in congratulating these very successful athletes!   8 for 8 . . . a clean sweep two years in a row!

Our primary training location, and where our juniors are “Athletes-In-Residence,” RKA Gun Gallery & Indoor Range, Plano, IL, a state-0f-the-art facility, which received the coveted National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 5-Star rating on 16 October 2015.  As of 3 October 2020, only 46 indoor ranges in the United States carried this rating.  RKA has an exceptional range, staff and educational/training programs for all ages and experience levels.

IJPS trains at RKA Gun Gallery every Monday from 1600 – 1800 hrs.
Please check our training schedule for exceptions to a specific date/time.

41 of our 118 pistol athletes have achieved their Basic Pistol award at RKA.

We welcome team candidates, ages 13-20, interested in becoming a Precision Pistol Athlete.   We expect the candidate to be familiar with the operation of a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Our Team shoots Ruger 22/45’s and Ruger Mark II’s,  III’s, (5.5″ barrels) & the new Mark IV, which has been modified for precision shooting.  Any accurate .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol capable of 1.25 inch, 10 shot groups at 50 yards may be used.  If the candidate does not have a .22 caliber target pistol, they may use one of our team pistols during our practice sessions.

Our full training schedule can be found on this website and is updated several times a week.  Active participation is a requirement to be a team candidate.

Pistol Athletes can always schedule one-on-one time with a member of our Coaching Staff.  Parents of competitive, NRA Classified, Team Members are welcome to shoot with their young adult(s) on a “range space available basis.”   Parents shoot the same course of fire for the DE recognitions.  Juniors always shoot first.

Please wash your hands with D-Lead® hand & body soap after shooting.

Please contact us with any questions,  comments,  &/or concerns:

Jim Hagearty
Founder & Executive Director


Last updated:  26 September 2022